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Hi, I am Raven your friendly neighborhood photographer.Lushika Raven Preethrajh I fell in love with the art of photography from a young age. I received my first digital camera just after high school and, much like Peter Parker, I too was bitten by the shutter-bug. I have been smitten ever since!. Playful, dark, intense…no matter the type of character, subject or mood , my passion lies in capturing its essence. Razoraven Photography is for those that are young at heart and aren’t afraid to walk along the razor-edge. If you are among those that want your inner light/beauty/darkness immortalized, then Razoraven Photography is for you. Razoraven Photography is powered by Raven a BSoc.Sci graduate. Raven is an event, portrait, wedding, still life photographer that provides cutting edge images in the Durban / Umhlanga / KZN area. Unlike other photographers in this space, my key differentiating factor, is my passion for my craft and hawk-like eye for details. I am Razoraven Photography…see me RAWrrrr…. ^_^

Goodbye Tikko Pup


From the moment we are born, there are those souls that touch our lives. Some interactions are transient while others leave us with lasting impressions of lives shared. It is souls like this that touch our lives in meaningful ways.

Tikko Pup, was one such soul; intelligent, quirky, fun and mischievous. You brought much joy and comfort through some through some tough times and you will be dearly missed.

I salute you Tikko, you will always be a pup to me.

Tikko Tribute Video by Shurvir



Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

The theme of the Photo Challenge this week is Eerie, here are my interpretations & submissions. Take a look and let me know what you think (^_^).

An abandoned pair of pink flip flops lay beneath a creaking swing set. Perhaps a gust had unsettled the chains…or a presence not so long gone? This playground made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand.

Abandoned Swings


A small cabin in the woods… Lets just say that I did not linger.Cabin

Just a Mirroscope…or is it?Mirrorscope

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.

Let me know which image gives you Goosebumps! I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Have a look at some of the other submissions for this week’s challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

The theme of the Photo Challenge this week is Infinite, here are my interpretations & submissions. Take a look and let me know what you think (^_^).

Eagle-Eye: Always looking toward the infinite horizon. Another photo taken at the Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey show while on holiday in Central Drakensberg. My favourite part of this image is the horizon and Drakensberg mountain reflected in the eye of the eagle

Eagle Eye

The Tree of Life: Death is not the end just a stage in the infinite circle of life. Found this thriving creeper growing all around the trunk of a massive but bare tree, while taking a walk on the grounds of The Nest, in the Drakensberg. The tree must have been amazing in its prime.

Tree of Life

Durban Skyline:  A city of infinite dreams. Photo taken from one of the upper decks on board the MSC Sinfonia early last year.

Durban Skyline

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.

Let me know which image resonates with you. I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

The theme for the Photo Challenge this week is “Saturated”.

Here are a few of my favourite “Saturated” images that I’ve captured over the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Saturated Sunset: Fantastic sunset on the eve of a birthday party for a friend at the Dolphin Crest Guest House in La Lucia. I particularly love the two silhouettes that appear to be taking in the breath-taking view from the roof. Truth be told, the silhouettes were actually looking at the ocean behind me.


Soaring Eagle: I must have taken about 200 photos of this majestic bird of prey while at the Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey show while on holiday in Central Drakensberg earlier this year. The birds are amazing creatures and truly formidable predators who also carry themselves with surprising grace that belies their ferocity.

Eagle in Flight

Fantasy View: A composite image you say? Not at all! This is the view of two “Puddles” and the surrounding mountains from a Look-out Point at Champagne Castle Hotel. This view marks the start of many exciting and challenging hiking trails that lead off the Hotel grounds and into the wilderness.

Home in the Range

Seeds of Life:  The potential of life curled up and waiting to spring forth in the Urban Jungle of Umhlanga.


Calabash Electricity: What a novel idea! I was tickled pink by this understated piece at a Zulu Cultural Village in upper Kwa-Zulu Natal. Taken many years ago on a family vacation, when I first got my Sony Alpha 200.

Rondaval Electricity

Wired Temple: At the end of last year I was asked to photograph a concert for the Band; Wired Temple, entitled “A Wired Christmas”. Mentioned in my earlier post “Band Shoot: Wired Temple Promo” These are a few images of the stage during the light check before the main event and of the artists during the concert.

Purple StageBathed in LightWired Temple GuitarThe reasonBathed in Light2Empty StageBefore the Show

Graffiti: Talented graffiti artists work on the walls of the BAT Centre.


Let me know what you think!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

For this Week’s Challenge I had to delve into some deep and dark disk space. Alas, my questing is at an end! I have finally found the perfect picture that captured a surprising moment for me.

This photograph is of my cousin, at his fathers’ 55th Birthday party. I have titled it “Zombie Tiki Boy”, and this is its origin.

It was my intention to sneak up on him (my cousin, not his father) for a candid, while he was preparing lovely tropical “refreshments” for the many party guests…Suddenly, he whirled around and struck this pose. I was so surprised, my camera almost landed in a vat of juice.

This image was captured, as my heart stopped. I only wish someone had been around to capture my expression, I’m told that it was “priceless”.

Band Shoot: Wired Temple Promo

I had the good fortune of being invited to shoot some promo images for Wired Temple’s concert “A Wired Christmas” on the 15 Dec 2012 at 560 South Gate in Phoenix at 19:00.

Wired Xmas Flyer v2

Check out their A Wired Christmas 2012 Promo video:

“Local rock outfit Wired Temple will be performing classic and contemporary Christmas tracks that will engage the whole family. Sound, lights, production is promising to make sure a wonderful time of spreading the cheer this Christmas.”
Video by Shurvir Harrilal.
Wired Temple are a Christian Rock Band based in Phoenix, South Africa. The band consists of two sets of brothers:
  1. Bradley – Bass Guitar (far left) & Jezrel – Lead Guitar & BGV’s (centre right)
  2. Shannon – Lead Singer & Guitar (centre left) & Joash – Drums (far right)

Band - Wired Temple01Band - Wired Temple02Band - Wired Temple03Band - Wired Temple04Band - Wired Temple05

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Photo of a little dam near Clarens, South Africa. Taken on a very misty and rainy day. I was lucky enough, to be in the right place at the right time; to witness nature taking a breath before unleashing a mighty storm.

Nature - Dam Reflections

Miss S Naidoo’s 21st Birthday Party

Not long ago,  I had the privilege of capturing the Memorable 21st Birthday of a truly amazing young lady as she was given the key to freedom and responsibility by her loving parents.

It was a rather over cast day in Durban…Thankfully,  fortune smiled on us and the rain was kept at bay.  Mother nature must have known we were celebrating the birth of someone quite exquisite.

I got some really fantastic shots while we had a great time twirling, posing and giggling  with all her friends and family; before the guests arrived and the formalities began.

It was quite an experience to be part of an event filled with so much love and laughter.  This was a day to remember and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Miss S Naidoo, may you have many, many more !(^_^)

21st Birthday - Exits 21st Birthday - Sisters

21st Birthday - Friends 21st Birthday - Arrival

21st Birthday - Dresses 21st Birthday - Accessories 21st Birthday - Mother and Daughter

21st Birthday - Hair21st Birthday - Centre Piece

Hello world!

Razoraven Self Portrait - Durban Photographer

Razoraven Self Portrait

Hello, my name is Raven and welcome to the Razoraven Photography Blog where I will be sharing some of my exciting work with you.

I am a female photographer based in Umhlanga / Durban, KZN area. I have a passion for photography which my clients find quite contagious. I specialise in the creative capture of the essence of my subject, be it the twinkle in a lovers eye or the impish grin of a mischievous child.

Playful, dark, intense…no matter the type of character, subject or mood , my passion lies in capturing its essence.

Razoraven Photography is for those that are young at heart and aren’t afraid to walk along the razor-edge. If you are among those that want your inner light/beauty/darkness immortalized, then Razoraven Photography is for you.

I am an event, portrait, wedding, still life photographer that provides cutting edge images in the Durban / Umhlanga area. Unlike other photographers in this space, my key differentiating factor, is my passion for my craft and hawk-like eye for details.

So come along and be inspired by the adventure that is Razoraven Photography…